Why You Need a Website Privacy Policy


Today we're talking about website privacy policies and why it is required that you have them. We are also covering what website privacy policies do to protect you, how you can create them, and how you can place your policy on your website so that your website and your business is protected and professional. 

What is a Website Privacy Policy?

Before we get into the details of website privacy policies, you need to know that they are not the same thing as HIPAA's Notice of Privacy Practices. You are probably familiar with HIPAA's Notice of Privacy Practices, which allows patients some disclosures of their rights regarding what you're doing with their protected health information. This applies to medical professionals only. A website privacy policy is designed for anybody with a website, whether the website's content or services are medicine, law, or even knitting.  So, while they are similarly named, they are separate and distinct. 

Basically, a website privacy policy is...

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Are You Being Protected by Your Website's Terms of Use?


What is Your Website's "Terms of Use" or "Terms and Conditions"?

At Functional Lawyer today, we're talking about your website. Your website is the first thing most people will see when they come across you on the Internet, so it's important that you use it to protect yourself. More specifically, we're talking about why you need a website Terms of Use / Terms of Service / Terms and Conditions. (These titles are used interchangeably.) Our discussion will cover five reasons why you need Terms and Conditions, and our conversation will essentially boil down to the importance of protecting yourself, what exactly should be in your Terms and Conditions, and how to set a Terms and Conditions on your website.

To start, what is a Terms of Use / Terms of Service / Terms and Conditions? (I usually call them "Terms and Conditions" and will use this phrasing for the rest of the discussion.) It's an agreement that a website user who goes to your website must agree to in order to access your website...

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