You Don't Need A Niche



Welcome to another new blog from Scott Rattigan, the founder of Functional Lawyer and co-founder of Origins Incubator...

Today, I want to challenge a prevailing belief in the world of functional medicine: the idea that success hinges on finding the perfect niche. Not everything you learn from marketers is accurate, and I'm here to share my insights on why you don't need a niche to thrive in functional medicine. Let's dive into it and discover how you can build a successful practice without pigeonholing yourself.

The Generalist Advantage

Just like starting college without a predetermined major, I believe in beginning your functional medicine journey as a generalist. The key is to be a good provider and help those seeking your expertise. Operating as a generalist initially allows you to explore various avenues within functional medicine and practice with a diverse clientele.  Why would you start off by pigeonholing yourself? Instead, consider marketing your expertise...

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