Lawsuit Challenges Constitutionality of Telemedicine Licensing Laws (New Jersey)


Introduction: Unpacking a Landmark Lawsuit

In a recent legal development emanating from New Jersey, two physicians have embarked on a groundbreaking legal battle against the state and its medical board. Driven by constitutional claims, the lawsuit challenges telehealth regulations mandating out-of-state practitioners to hold a license to attend to patients within New Jersey. As the legal landscape surrounding telemedicine continues to evolve, this case brings to light significant questions regarding constitutional rights, interstate commerce, and patient access to specialized healthcare.

The Plaintiffs' Argument: Constitutional Infringement

The lawsuit, titled Shannon McDonald MD et. al. vs. Otto Sabando, is spearheaded by two physicians and two patients. At its core, the plaintiffs contest New Jersey's licensure restrictions on telehealth, asserting that these laws violate fundamental constitutional principles. They argue that such regulations impede upon their First Amendment...

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Can Patients Record Their Medical Visits?



As a lawyer immersed in the dynamic landscape of patient care, I've encountered a rising trend that warrants our attention – patients recording visits without prior notice or without the knowledge of the physician at all. In this comprehensive blog post, I aim to delve into the legal intricacies and potential risks associated with patient recordings while sharing practical tips to effectively manage this evolving challenge.

Legal Landscape

In the course of my work, I've witnessed the growing prevalence of accidental recordings, highlighting potential risks, especially in states governed by two-party or all-party consent laws. Understanding and navigating this legal landscape is paramount for healthcare providers to ensure compliance and shield themselves from unintended legal consequences.

Patient Perspective

Empathy drives my exploration into the motivations behind patient recordings. Recognizing that patients often seek to capture and retain a wealth of...

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How to Pay Yourself the Right Way: 4 Tips to Withdraw Cash from Your Business


You’ve started your business and you have some money, and now it is time to take it out and pay yourself. There are some right ways to do it and some wrong ways to do it. This blog will talk about 4 ways to help make sure you do it the right way.  

Getting Paid

No matter how much passion you have for helping others, at some point, you need to get paid for your services. Some people have a tough time pricing themselves appropriately. They undervalue themselves, especially early on in the business. But nevertheless, eventually, you will start to make money and be able to take some home and pay yourself. 

We actually help a lot of people with that at Origins Incubator. Our mentorship program is fairly comprehensive. We cover a lot of the mindset stuff too, and not only do we help people create their offering for patients what they are going to deliver, but we also help them write that out, so that they feel confident in saying the price out loud because they...

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