Can Patients Record Their Medical Visits?



As a lawyer immersed in the dynamic landscape of patient care, I've encountered a rising trend that warrants our attention – patients recording visits without prior notice or without the knowledge of the physician at all. In this comprehensive blog post, I aim to delve into the legal intricacies and potential risks associated with patient recordings while sharing practical tips to effectively manage this evolving challenge.

Legal Landscape

In the course of my work, I've witnessed the growing prevalence of accidental recordings, highlighting potential risks, especially in states governed by two-party or all-party consent laws. Understanding and navigating this legal landscape is paramount for healthcare providers to ensure compliance and shield themselves from unintended legal consequences.

Patient Perspective

Empathy drives my exploration into the motivations behind patient recordings. Recognizing that patients often seek to capture and retain a wealth of...

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You Don't Need A Niche



Welcome to another new blog from Scott Rattigan, the founder of Functional Lawyer and co-founder of Origins Incubator...

Today, I want to challenge a prevailing belief in the world of functional medicine: the idea that success hinges on finding the perfect niche. Not everything you learn from marketers is accurate, and I'm here to share my insights on why you don't need a niche to thrive in functional medicine. Let's dive into it and discover how you can build a successful practice without pigeonholing yourself.

The Generalist Advantage

Just like starting college without a predetermined major, I believe in beginning your functional medicine journey as a generalist. The key is to be a good provider and help those seeking your expertise. Operating as a generalist initially allows you to explore various avenues within functional medicine and practice with a diverse clientele.  Why would you start off by pigeonholing yourself? Instead, consider marketing your expertise...

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