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Uncategorized Feb 11, 2020

Hello, and thank you for coming to Functional Lawyer. If you're here, odds are you are searching for a functional medicine lawyer to help you with your new or existing practice. First, let me say congratulations to you. You are moving healthcare in the right direction, whether you just learned about the power of functional medicine or you have been practicing long before we started using that term. You are on the forefront of a health revolution and you are starting or growing your own business.

But starting a business is sometimes a risky proposition.  Did you know that according to recent surveys, nearly 70% of functional medicine providers never consult an attorney? That is astoundingly high considering the fact that their license and business are at stake. It is (almost) shocking until we start to understand why. When asked, doctors stated they were either fearful of spiraling attorneys' fees or they could not find an attorney that understood their needs.

That is why I created Functional Lawyer. While working at a big law firm, I co-founded, with my wife (a D.O.), a thriving functional medicine practice in Florida. We sat at the kitchen table every night trying to figure out how to start, how to market, how to provide great patient experiences and help patients get well. In all the planning (and all the expenses!) the legal side of things took a back seat. We were trying to get patients, so we could have money, so we could hire an attorney, but that took a while. And when we finally did, the healthcare attorney we consulted didn't understand the unique needs of functional medicine practitioners.

Functional Lawyer is the solution for you to save time, money, and frustration. And if you're anything like us when we just started, you don't have any time, money, or energy to spare!

If you already know what you need, simply browse our collection of downloadable legal templates, written specifically for functional medicine practices by a team of expert attorneys.

If you have questions about how it works, or just don't know what you need or where to start, book a video conference with one of our practitioner support specialists, who can guide you through the process. (Just go to our Contact page to schedule your free session.)

I am thankful that you are here and I am happy to serve and further the functional medicine community.


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