SEO & Marketing Success without Spending -W/ Andrew Newland

Episode 002


Andrew Newland, owner of Functional Medicine Marketing, discusses the ineffectiveness of organic social media and the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) in growing a functional medicine practice. He explains the three pillars of SEO: technical, content, and local. Andrew shares his personal journey into functional medicine marketing and emphasizes the need for community engagement and providing value to potential patients. He also provides insights into marketing strategies for low budgets and highlights the importance of having a well-functioning website for SEO success. In this conversation, Andrew Newland from Functional Medicine Marketing discusses the importance of SEO for functional medicine practices. He covers technical optimization, content creation, and local SEO as key components of a successful SEO strategy. Andrew also emphasizes the significance of having a Google Business Listing and provides tips for optimizing it. He advises on hiring a marketing firm and suggests questions to ask during the interview process. Andrew shares a case study of a practice that achieved significant growth through SEO. He concludes by highlighting the importance of a long-term approach to marketing and provides his contact information.



Technical optimization, content creation, and local SEO are essential for a successful SEO strategy. Having a Google Business Listing and optimizing it is crucial for local SEO. When hiring a marketing firm, ask about their approach to technical, content, and local SEO. A long-term approach to marketing, such as SEO, is more effective than quick fixes or shortcuts.


00:00 Introduction

02:16 The Ineffectiveness of Organic Social Media

05:01 The Importance of SEO

06:24 What is SEO?

08:17 The Three Pillars of SEO

19:00 Andrew Newland's Journey into Functional Medicine Marketing

24:56 What's Working Now in Marketing

28:05 Marketing Strategies for Low Budgets

32:26 The Importance of Community Engagement

34:23 The Basics of SEO

40:57 Technical Optimization

44:21 Content Creation

46:23 Local SEO

49:25 Google Business Listing

53:24 Hiring a Marketing Firm

56:53 Questions to Ask a Marketing Firm

59:37 Case Study: From Frustration to Success

01:03:56 Long-Term Approach to Marketing

01:04:33 Conclusion and Contact Information


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