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Informed Consent

Office Essential

What is it?

A written record of a conversation between a provider and patient that includes a discussion the risks, benefits, and alternatives of the care provided by the provider or their practice.

Why do I need it?

This is the most important thing you can do to protect yourself from malpractice suits and regulatory/medical board action.

It is good practice to have the conversation, and it may be required for certain treatments.

It is better to be able to have an outline to guide the conversation.

Most importantly, this document serves as a written record that the patient understands the treatment risks, benefits, and alternatives and has had all their questions answered to their satisfaction.

When do I use it?

For every patient in your functional or alternative medicine practice. Before starting any treatment or making any recommendations. AFTER actually having the conversation with the patient/potential patient.

Use for every patient to consent to alternative medicine as a whole.

Use the attachments for specific treatment modalities before starting them (e.g., IV therapy, ozone, chelation, cold laser, etc.). 

Who is this for?

All licensed providers of functional or alternative medicine should protect themselves with this process and document to guard against lawsuits and state or medical/licensing board action.