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Meet Scott Rattigan

Hi, I am Scott Rattigan, a licensed attorney in Florida. A few years ago, I helped my wife start up her functional medicine practice. Every night after work at my firm, we sat at the kitchen table trying to bootstrap our way into a successful practice for both us and for her patients.  I realized we needed professional help with the legal side of things. (Even though I practiced civil litigation, I was no expert in this new field.) We hired a healthcare attorney to help with initial paperwork and contracts. Our experience was similar to many other physicians who I’ve spoken with. While the attorney was helpful for overall advice and counsel, they were unclear of the unique needs specific to functional medicine.

Later on, I left the security of my law firm job behind to follow my passion of bringing functional medicine into the mainstream. I joined the Evolution of Medicine team as a Practitioner Support Specialist, helping providers to be successful in their businesses.



My Passion for Functional Medicine


By speaking with an average of 40 providers a day, and reviewing their websites and content, I quickly realized these providers were practicing with little if any legal protection.

Having been there myself, and talking with provider around the country, I knew that they had anxiety over their legal issues. And in most cases, this uncertainty and anxiety has held them back from pursuing some of their bigger dreams out of fear of legal liability. I couldn’t sit back and watch these practices open themselves up to liability that a few documents and some basic legal education could cover.  I know that they, like me, probably left behind a more secure position in conventional medicine to follow their passion of helping patients through functional medicine. I also know that most providers who practice functionally spend their hard earned money on continuing education, conferences, and marketing for patients. (It feels like my wife is always at a new clinical education conference.) Because all their resources are spent becoming a great functional medicine provider or getting new patients, it can be an afterthought to spend extra money on legal protection.  It can also be daunting to find an attorney who understands your unique needs as a functional medicine provider. You might be saying, “Yes! That is my story! There has to be a better way!”  I agree. And that is why Functional Lawyer is here today. Functional Lawyer is the better way.

At Functional Lawyer™, we understand the complex nuances and unique needs of your practice. In 2017, the average billable rate for an experienced healthcare attorney was $576 per hour. We make it easy for you to protect yourself and your business while saving you thousands of dollars in attorneys’ fees. Our contracts are written and edited by expert functional medicine lawyers who know how to safeguard your practice and your license. Our Membership is broken into efficient and easily digestible education segments to empower you to protect yourself without taking hours of your precious time. Getting legal coverage has never been this convenient.

Why I Care

My “Why” is help functional medicine doctors to practice with peace of mind, by providing quality legal education, support, and templates while saving money on attorneys’ fees.

In other words, my “Why” is to fill the legal needs of functional medicine practices with quality tools and service from experienced functional medicine lawyers. I teamed with a group of functional medicine lawyers with decades of experience in alternative and integrative medicine law. Together, we created legal documents to cover the areas of greatest need for the functional medicine practice.

Now I am bringing our collective knowledge and these documents to you for a fraction of the price it would take for a healthcare attorney to draft them from scratch.  The only thing remaining for the practice is to add your business name/contact information and feel safe knowing you have quality legal protection for your license and your business.


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Ready For Guidance?

Kickstart the journey to legal clarity with a 20-minute discovery call, where you get a snapshot overview of your practice's legal health and initial guidance.

During this call, Scott leverages his legal expertise and experience in managing a thriving functional medicine practice to pinpoint your current legal positioning and your goals.

Post-call, you'll gain insight into potential next steps, setting a clear course for securing your practice's future.

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